the problem:

Reliant on Employee Knowledge Base

At this hardware company, 30-year-old homegrown systems for managing basic operations were falling apart. Furthermore, maintenance and knowledge of the systems rested in the hands of just a few who could walk away at any moment. The core data source was an obsolete PICK BASIC data source, on top of which additional systems were integrated ad-hoc using legacy technologies. There was no workflow or business logic in the core system, resulting in a convoluted corporate IT landscape.


Major ERP packages were too costly for this SMB. Additionally, the rigidity of off-the-shelf software would not satisfy the unique business requirements of the client. Instead, the manufacturer brought on the BoomDTC team to create a flexible and cost-effective solution for their specific business needs. Using BoomDev upcycler technology, the team rapidly converted the existing ERP database to a relational model and incorporated data from complementary systems into the unified database. The team generated baseline data entry screens accessible via web, mobile, and desktop in a low-code environment.

The Solution:

Custom, Cost-Effective ERP with Mobile Approvals

To streamline the entire procure-to-pay process, the interface included role-based screens, business logic, and workflow. Roles included buyer, senior buyer, vendor, receiving, and accounting personas. Finally, the team layered in BoomUX technology to enable mobile approvals for easy management on the go. The Boom solution allowed the company and its users to retain familiar data and business processes while establishing a platform for business growth.

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