There are four key areas that the BoomDTC team focuses on
to revolutionize your business processes:

UX Evaluation

Digital Transformation

Today’s technology leaders know that digital transformation is a strategic imperative; however, the practical steps to achieve this transformation are often lost in theoretical use cases and technological confusion.

With a firm understanding of where you are on your transformation journey and what you want to achieve, we jointly compile a practical roadmap for digital transformation to optimize your IT landscape, including systems and data audit, security and governance model, and cloud services strategy.

Solution Design

BoomDTC empowers companies to roll out applications at the fast pace of your business, enabling nimble innovation and enterprise integration. Our UX team helps you accelerate solution design with our proven UX methodology — a process that optimizes user productivity and usability through iterative prototyping and testing defined roles in a business process.

ERP Modernization

Many enterprises are stuck with homegrown ERP systems, disparate point solutions, or outdated off-the-shelf software. If you are without an ERP or need to replace your existing system, BoomDTC is able to work with your legacy tools to extract and refine your data model, generating a modern user interface for desktop, web, and mobile devices. We ensure that you maintain what works well, removing cumbersome custom code and providing a solution that is user-friendly and easy to maintain.

Enterprise UX Evaluation

Frequently, nonessential functions are trapped within an existing ERP, rendering them difficult to replicate, scale, and modify. BoomDTC can help you extricate these functions to create standalone, scalable applications that can grow independently of your baseline ERP. Not only does this make the individual functions more effective, but it also frees up your ERP to perform the functions it does best.