the problem:

Drawing Ideas from across the Enterprise

The emerging science team of an R&D-focused Fortune 50 CPG company was still using a manual paper-and-spreadsheet process for their data management. The BoomDTC team was tasked with migrating this process to an automated digital platform that would enable the creation and management of innovation campaigns. While the end user was the emerging sciences team, they were looking to draw ideas from the nonscientific population of the company’s workforce, and needed to create an online innovation community to scale their idea sourcing.

The Solution:

Social Sourcing and Workflow Automation

The Boom team created a campaign administration module with BoomDev, a low-code development studio, to simplify IT systems management. They then layered in BoomUX, an OPENUI5 progressive web application, to power the web- and mobile-accessible community platform, integrating the client’s enterprise security assertion markup language to ensure protection of proprietary designs.

To encourage participation across the enterprise, the Boom team added social features, such as idea ‘likes’ and an innovation leaderboard. They implemented automated workflow to guide idea submission through the evaluation and scoring process, which was conducted by the research scientists.

Finally, the Boom team added an innovation dashboard for the emerging sciences team to replace an outsourced research service that took months to turn around and came with a significant price tag. After integrating Cloud Services Architecture with their existing UX, the dashboard now showcases real-time predictive research using content indexing, search analysis, big data, and AI/ML tools to push disruptive research opportunity to the desktops and devices of emerging scientists across the client.

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