the problem:

A Pen-and-Paper Inventory System

A midwest dairy distributor was responsible for stocking and transferring inventory for other facilities within the larger dairy organization. They had previously been operating on SAP Warehouse Management and other integrated components, but users found the system difficult and inefficient to use. Pushback from users led to the plant abandoning the SAP system and reverting to spreadsheets and paper forms to manage inventory. This was unsustainable to growth and put the company at risk.


The plant sought an application that could improve their current processes, maintain better data integrity, and provide visibility into stock levels and locations of merchandise — and they knew they weren’t going back to SAP. They brought in the BoomDTC team, who evaluated the SAP WMS solution and the documents of the then-current manual process so that they could replicate the familiarity of the manual solution’s data model while creating a best-in-class WMS process.

The Solution:

Secure, Logical Workflows for Efficient Transfer

The team rapidly developed a prototype in low-code BoomDev and subsequently designed role-based reviews for users in the merchandise transfer process. The final product included material management, vendor/customer management, inventory, purchase orders, merchandise transfer orders, warehouse management, and process/production orders. It eliminated hand-written documentation, reduced the number of steps per process, and seamlessly worked across devices while integrating with secure cloud storage. The end product was a more secure system that allowed users the flexibility they had sought when they left SAP.

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