Systems Integration with the Enterprise in Mind

BoomDev and BoomUX are digital transformation technologies that work with existing ERP systems and other mission-critical business infrastructure to transform enterprise-wide processes, improving efficiency, productivity, and scalability. Whether your business requires a brand-new ERP implementation, extrication of non-core logistics from existing ERPs, or high-level systems integration and UX design, the team at BoomDTC can help.

Digital Transformation for
Enterprise Growth

With decades of experience consulting on ERP workflow, product lifecycle management (PLM), and process optimization, leading consulting firm Linx-AS created the BoomDev and BoomUX technologies as a scalable solution to any organization’s digital transformation challenges. In order to develop a full digital transformation strategy, however, the BoomDTC team also provides a number of services:


Practical roadmaps and strategies for radical digital transformation


Accelerated solution design through iterative prototyping and user testing


Implementation of new ERPs while maintaining systems’ best practices

UX Evaluation

Functions extrication from legacy ERPs to create independent applications

Our Cloud Partners

BoomDTC partners with top cloud providers to take your digital
transformation vision to the next level.

Success Stories from Our Customers

R&D Transformation

At an R&D-focused Fortune 50 CPG company, we digitalized innovation crowdsourcing and used AI with machine learning to enable predictive scientific research.

ERP Transformation

We replaced the outdated, homegrown ERP system and spreadsheet tools at an SMB equipment manufacturer with an evergreen digital business platform that could grow with their business.

Warehouse Management

At a mid-sized dairy distributor, the inventory management process lived in SAP, despite being peripheral to ERP applications. We extricated this process to create integrated systems that could flex over time.

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